Steff Plaetz began painting in Bristol in the mid ‘90s, developing a loose and spontaneous style incorporating a uniquely 'freehand’ stencilling approach based on 'automatic’ drawings and sketches which retain their rawness through to the final artwork. He was along with his friends Will Barras and Mr Jago one of the original 3 core members of the hugely influential 'Scrawl Collective’.

Inspired as much by his globally nomadic lifestyle as his soft spot for quality sci-fi, that was inevitably nurtured by being a kid growing up through the '80s, in his personal work Steff collides ideas of bleak futro-industrial landscapes with dream-like snapshots of urban activity. His infinitely sustainable resource of imagination runs as wild as the acrylics and spray paints that colour his works.

He has exhibited his works internationally in Tokyo, New York, Osaka, Paris, Hong Kong, Brussels, Barcelona, Cologne and of course his home London, and has been commissioned and collected by Ian Brown, Michael Stipe and David Holmes amongst others.

Alongside producing original paintings, Steff works as a commercial Illustrator and storyboard artist and is regularly commissioned by many of the world's leading brands and advertising, creative and PR agencies. 


Biog by Simon Harris.



1998  London, ' Dynamic Figures ' Bar Vinyl, Solo

2001,  New York, ' Dynamic Figures ' B.O.B., Solo

2002  Birmingham ( U.K. ), ' G.B. 2 ' Custard Factory, Group

2002  Osaka, ' Graffiti Meets Windows ' Hankyu Dept. Store, Group

2003  Tokyo, ' Paintura Pitch Project ' Parco Museum, Group

2003  Berlin, ' Streetwise 2 ' Kunsthof, 2003, Group

2004  Tokyo, ' Chairfix ‘ HA2 Gallery, ( with Ben Wilson and Will Barras )

2004  Paris, Levis Store ( with Kid Acne )

2004  and 2005  Zurich, ' Wordless ' Group

2005  Brussels, ' Vicinty of a Location ' Alice Gallery, Group

2005  Hong Kong, ' Salem Innovation Sessions ' Solo

2005  London, ‘ Favorite Fiends ‘ Outside Institute, Group

2006  London, ' Elephant Technique ' Village Underground, Group

2007  London, ‘ Alternativity ' Stella Dore  Studio 95, Group

2008  London, ‘ One Look Circuit ‘ Carhartt Store, ( with Will Barras )

2008  Glasgow, ' Bothan/spy/network ' Recoat gallery, Group

2009  Barcelona, ‘ Case Closed ‘ Holala Gallery, 2009, ( with Will Barras and Inkie )

2010  Berlin, ' 2092 ' Unlike Gallery, Solo

2012  Ibiza, ' URBAN IN IBIZA ' Atzaro, Group

2014  Berlin, ' Project PM5 '  Urban Nation, Group

2014  London, ' Scrawl Collective Triumvirate ' Rockwell Hs, ( with Will Barras and Mr Jago )

2015  Norwich, ‘ Near Future ‘  Moosey Art, ( with Will Barras )

2016  Tokyo, WIshless Gallery, Solo